Edyta Bąk

A profile of an extraordinary person who, despite very high physical limitations, realizes his dreams.

Edyta Bąk is an extremely energetic person. Always smiling and eager to talk. Active on the Internet, but most of all, despite a heavy quadriplegia, active in real life. She visits mountains, swims, travels around the world and makes her dreams come true.

Edyta doesn’t need a wheelchair, she needs a water environment 🙂
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Smart home

Smart home is recently very popular statement. There are some, who have completely no idea what is this all about. Others thinks it’s too expensive. Yet another are scared that smart home will lock them down in the toilet, turn off the light and won’t let out until they die of hunger.

We will get straight to the point of how we use it:

  • Take smartphone in your hand
  • Use Home application
  • Turn on/off light

For enable person it’s an easy job: get on your feet, walk 4m toward wall and turn on the switch. However for disable person (the one with physical limits) it’s like climbing 4th floor, if possible. Furthermore during the night, in the darkness you need to reach that switch blindly. So? You want a challenge? How about walking blindly on the 4th floor?

Smart Switch on Wall
Smart switch on wall for main light in sitting room.
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Here we go

The new blog has started, on which we will be describing various widgets for dealing with everyday situations despite physical disability. 

Everyone knows that something can’t be done until there’s one who doesn’t know that it can’t be done, and he does it

Albert Einstein

We invite all, both the interested ones and their surroundings to read and share your own ideas.