Edyta Bąk

A profile of an extraordinary person who, despite very high physical limitations, realizes his dreams.

Edyta Bąk is an extremely energetic person. Always smiling and eager to talk. Active on the Internet, but most of all, despite a heavy quadriplegia, active in real life. She visits mountains, swims, travels around the world and makes her dreams come true.

Edyta doesn’t need a wheelchair, she needs a water environment 🙂

Whoever met Edyta for the first time thinks she’s cool, but probably needs 24/7 care in everything. Bullshit! The food, the toilet, a walk in the village – it’s all done by herself. And here are her patents:

Eating and drinking

Many parents think that such a child needs to be fed for the rest of his or her life, and they feed him or her. Yet did they try to find a way that enables the child to eat alone? Because very often it is possible, it just needs to develop a few ways and use a few simple inventions.

Edyta can handle the fork alone. It takes a little time to get it in the mouth, but are we in a hurry? She doesn’t eat soup, but:

Soup is not food. Real food has to be firm, not some baby stuff.

a colleague in the dorm whose name I can’t remember

You can’t spill hard food. It can at most fall on the floor, but then the dog named Tosia will come and clean up.

Unfortunately, the drinks must already be wet. Swallowing ice cubes could end badly for your health. But there are ways. One of them is a drinking stick (straw). Plastic straws aren’t very environmentally friendly because they are plastic and single-use. Yes, they can be used repeatedly, but they are difficult to wash, so using one straw for a whole month may end up being unhealthy. They are also easy to spoil if a person doesn’t fully control their biting. As a result, you often have to use several straws for one glass of drink. But there are also ways.

A silicone straw and a sippy cup.

There are silicone straws on the market that cannot be chewed and can be washed (brush can be included). So they are reusable and practically indestructible. However, this solution has disadvantages. A glass with a tube must be on a steady table and you cannot take it with you and drink it somewhere in the open. This problem is solved in the second way: a sippy cup.

The sippy cup is a solution for children who are just stopping to use a baby pacifier and learning to drink from a glass. You can take it in your hands, hold it upside down, it won’t pour out. The problem only arises when it falls on the floor and is driven by a wheelchair. Therefore, you should not drop it on the floor and drive the wheelchair. You can use one of the handles and tie it to the wheelchair somewhere. If you drop it, you will pull it in by this string.

Independent mobility

Edyta moves on an electric wheelchair every day. Nothing special, an ordinary wheelchair, which can be bought in any wheelchair store. The wheelchair has belts so that it won’t fall off. It is operated from the panel under your right hand. A reasonably good hand is enough to ride on its own. And of course the lack of architectural barriers, often completely unnecessary barriers or too narrow passageways. Sometimes it is not possible to remove a barrier, but there are patents on it too. Please take a look at the recording below:

There is a threshold at the front door that could not be removed. So a piece of board and there’s a ramp. The board is easy to push back to close the door and easy to push back to drive a wheelchair. The door slides sideways, so you don’t have to manoeuvre the wheelchair to open it.

On the walk.

And so she rides around the village where she lives whenever she feels like it. She meets with her friends and together they enjoy the nice weather.

The toilet? No problem!

Now it’s time for the recording that made all of our jaw fall. Even the most open brains in our pack didn’t believe it was possible until they saw it:

Of course, the film doesn’t show everything, because we couldn’t show 😉 you know what, yeah, she also deals with it herself and with her dressing up too :).

The presence of the camera introduced a slight nervousness, but everything was still under control. The right technique, body balance made no fall.

Mountain trips

Edyta is a very cheerful person. She makes everyone smile. She never whines or complains, bravely endures all inconveniences. Where Edyta is sure there will be joy. And that’s how Edith gets her friends, who like to take her on extreme trips.

The Sławkowski Peak. Photo: Przemysław Piegza

From more significant escapades:

  1. to reach the Sławkowski Peak in the Slovak Tatras: https://zywiec.beskidy.news/wydarzenia/1158-niemozliwe-nie-istnieje-z-radziechow-w-tatry-bez-barier.
  2. conquering Sokolica in the Babia Góra massif. There were plans to climb Diablak, but the weather was not good.
  3. Entry to Hala Krupowa, on an off-road wheelchair made available courtesy of Stabilo from Krakow.

How did they do it? Well, they carried her in. Just like that. Because they wanted to do it. Because it made everyone happy. They brought her in as well as some other people who we’re gonna describe here. None of them are a moaner 😉.

Hala Krupowa, on off road wheelchair.

In final

You can talk to Edyta through facebook and that’s the best way to start. Because she has significant problems with clear speech. She participates in Internet forums. She is an interesting, well-read person.

Small announcements

We’re looking for an engineer who’ll convert the lawn mower to one that’s fully supported from the electric wheelchair panel 😉 because Edyta would like to work outdoors.

Call to drivers

If you’re used to overtaking the bikers by very small distance. You get away with it because the cyclist will bounce back to the side of the road, ride a little bit through the grass and return to the asphalt. In case of a person in a wheelchair it will not work. Edyta was pushed into a ditch once and miraculously nothing happened to her. For a long time after that she was afraid to drive and it wasn’t her who broke the law so she shouldn’t be afraid. And think about how you park on the sidewalks.

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